Why Should I Select a Destination Wedding in Goa?

Destination wedding in goa

Many couples want to make their special day memorable, and what can be more romantic than tying the knot in a beautiful city like Goa? Beautiful beaches and world-class hotels make a destination wedding in Goa possible. Thousands of tourists visit this location every year to enjoy this beautiful location. Among them, many choose Goa as an ideal location for marriage.

Do you want to know what makes Goa a great wedding place?

Destination weddings are on buzz today, and their popularity is growing every day, especially among the millennials. Many are searching for a location that has gorgeous beaches, mouthwatering seafood, excellent hotels, and glamorous casinos.

In other words, Goa is the place that is suitable for a destination wedding because it has everything to make your special day more memorable. So the question is, is it worth it to spend money on a destination wedding in Goa? You’ll find this answer in this article!

So let’s begin by knowing the top 9 reasons to choose Goa for a destination wedding.

Stunning Venues

Are you looking for a great venue that fits your pocket and provides a fantastic experience? Come to Goa and look at the gorgeous wedding venues. Goa has various hotels and small resorts which are not only beautiful but also budget-friendly. You can choose the best venue with the help of a professional destination wedding planner in Goa. Many of these venues have breathtaking beach views with world-class hospitality for your guests. Another great advantage of these ideal venues is simplifying wedding planning.

Delightful Sights

From fly dining to Scuba diving, Goa is a fantastic destination that has something for everyone. It is also popular for being a small paradise on earth for its blessings of nature. Wonderful beaches, outstanding resorts, delicious foods, and awesome culture make Goa a great place blessed with the beauty of nature. There are many sights in Goa suitable for destination weddings, including various beach resorts. Your guests can enjoy their day in Goa city in which sunbathing on the beach and walking on beach sand is quite famous.

Wedding at Affordable Cost

Arranging a destination wedding in Goa is reasonable, and it does not cost a fortune, which makes this place ideal for weddings. It is one of the most useful features attracting thousands to Goa so they can complete their destination wedding dreams. Booking costs in Goa for destination weddings are low, and many wedding professionals are available to plan your dream wedding. You only have to spend an amount of around 25 to 40 Lac and get a professional to plan and arrange your wedding in style and complete luxury.

Music and Entertainment of Goa

A destination wedding is indeed a special moment for a couple, especially if the destination is Goa. To make this moment wonderful, adding dance and music is important. We Indians love to dance, isn’t it? This love of dance and music is at its zenith when it is the wedding of our kith and kin. A destination wedding in Goa is famous for adding more to this entertainment by allowing you to choose the best choreographer that helps you to learn and implement some dance steps. Moreover, Goa has many music tutors for a wedding that will let your guest and the whole family sing properly.

Decoration & Foods

A destination wedding in Goa is considered simple when there is low or no food. The mouth-watering food of Goa can make your guests get the best meal. This delicious meal has many spices and some secret recipes which are crucial to cooking it for a wedding. Goans are proud of their food, and why they shouldn’t do it because it is a thing that makes this location famous. These foods can be served at a destination wedding, and many guests are going to like tasting these foods and seeing their hygiene. 


A major advantage of a destination wedding in Goa is the easy accessibility of this place. Goa is connected through the railway network of India. Every day numerous trains come to Goa from different locations in the country. In addition, Goa has a flawless network of roads that enable a visitor to attend a wedding without facing much hassle. Along with this, the airport is built to facilitate the arrival and departure of many international & national flights. It is an important factor contributing to the development of a luxurious and comfortable destination wedding.

Best Place for Wedding Photos

Wedding pictures are crucial because it is the backbone of starting a wedding. Goa is considered one of the best locations for getting amazing photos for your wedding. This place is awesome with the beauty of its beaches, which makes this location suitable for wedding photos. From the sunset at beaches to sunrise at its cliffs, Goa is a place that enables a couple to give the best pose for their wedding. Its weather also plays a key role in photoshoots that give the best outcome.

Suitable Honeymoon Destination

Most couples want to go on their honeymoon right after marriage. For this, they always look for a decent place; however, they make mistakes by choosing any other location. Goa is popular among tourists, especially couples who are ready to start their married life. Goa is a perfect honeymoon destination. Here, a couple can spend a week or more and get mesmerized by its beautiful natural sights, including beaches.

Keep the city chaos at bay

What can be more beneficial than having a destination wedding in Goa and avoiding the maddened crowd of the city? It is a leading factor that makes Goa a location blessed with nature and popular for those who want their wedding without much hassle. It has less crowded beaches and resorts where you can enjoy your wedding functions without facing any problems.

Badhai Ho Events at Goa

Badhai Ho Events provides its destination wedding services in Goa at a nominal rate. You can easily book professional wedding planners in Goa like Badhai Ho Events to get the highest quality wedding planning and arrangement services. These services are available at 30 Lac TnC Apply to get Badhai Ho Events to plan and arrange your sagai to vidai. The surprise is not over yet; you will get a free honeymoon stay also. From the beach to the resort, Badhai Ho Events has expertise in planning a destination wedding in Goa City.

So what are you waiting for? Choose Badhai Ho Events for your next destination wedding in Goa. If you want to wed soon, select Goa and get various benefits to make your wedding memorable. Only at an affordable cost, Goa will offer you everything to make your wedding lavish and memorable!

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